VoIP Threats in Malaysia

The ignorance of many CIOs on VoIP integration have allow many different kind of VoIP adaptations in Malaysia which will open up a heaven for hackers and the next biggest VoIP virus attack ......


Many Faces of VoIP Applications

If your VoIP service providers is not telling you all they know, then they are not sharing. We are here to share with you our experiences because we believe every one have the rights to communicate.

The idea of conducting all your telephone calls over the public Internet and avoiding high long distance charges from the Telco in the process is an attractive one for any budget-conscious CIO. However, voice quality and reliability have been big issues for the most VoIP services, adding to the different kind of VoIP vendors in the market, kept many organizations’ CIOs a little confuse in discovering the best VoIP products or solutions which best suites the organization’s requirements.


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If your VoIP service providers say that you have to pay for your VoIP calls. They must be joking. It is free because the IP world is open and boundless !

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There is no such thing as a close VoIP community. The IP world is an open platform but you can secure it. It is boundless !

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VoIP Calls for Remote Employees / Road Warriors


Remote employees can dial back to the office extensions from the remote site with the availability of Wifi or any Internet Access Point. The remote employees can use any SIP phones or softphones. Similarly, the office employees can also call the remote workers by just dialing the softphone extension number.

The remote workers can also seize the office’s PSTN line remotely, and then call to the outside customers by using the office’s PSTN line. Similarly, customers call from outside can also transferred to the remote workers via the internet broadband.