VoIP Threats in Malaysia

The ignorance of many CIOs on VoIP integration have allow many different kind of VoIP adaptations in Malaysia which will open up a heaven for hackers and the next biggest VoIP virus attack ......


Many Faces of VoIP Applications

If your VoIP service providers is not telling you all they know, then they are not sharing. We are here to share with you our experiences because we believe every one have the rights to communicate.

The idea of conducting all your telephone calls over the public Internet and avoiding high long distance charges from the Telco in the process is an attractive one for any budget-conscious CIO. However, voice quality and reliability have been big issues for the most VoIP services, adding to the different kind of VoIP vendors in the market, kept many organizations’ CIOs a little confuse in discovering the best VoIP products or solutions which best suites the organization’s requirements.


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If your VoIP service providers say that you have to pay for your VoIP calls. They must be joking. It is free because the IP world is open and boundless !

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There is no such thing as a close VoIP community. The IP world is an open platform but you can secure it. It is boundless !

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Corporate Profile

SE Broadband has experience of deploying more than 60 locations (for one single customer) for VoIP through the internet broadband in Malaysia. We have more than 50 customers deployed with VoIP through the internet broadband, whether they are using dynamic or fix IP address. Our total sites deployed with VoIP integration is more than 300 sites for these customers.

Some of these customers are using VPN and even VSAT services. Some call about average 500 minutes per port (line) per day, while some are faxing through the internet and implementing call/fax routing through the internet broadband for their ‘cold’ locations.

Our experiences of IP integration and deployment ranges not only in Malaysia but to other countries such as Sinagapore, Thailand, India, Combodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Australia and Indonesia. Our customers vary from corporate organizations (mostly for Private and Secured VoIP network), to SME and even to the consumer based market.

We are looking ahead of the others voice and data providers as we have already ventured with much experience into the new era of integrated voice and data networking and applications, through many successful deployments. We are focused on serving our clients to implement world-class IP integrations and solutions for bringing voice communications to public or private networks, with full interoperability.  

Our Mission

We strive to provide and achieve customers’ satisfaction, through connecting more people and organizations with interoperability of customized IP integrations, either at LAN or WAN level or ITSP level. We provide customers to own their own IP network with security at an affordable, simple and a more global manner.

Our Visions

In the fast advancement of business world, our missions are tailor made to our customers’ needs with VoIP System Integration Services and Business Solutions; and connect our customers globally with VoIP Network Integration Services.

Our visions are to apply the followings to our customers’ organizations.

  • a) Seamless organizations that respond faster and more effective to their clients’ needs and market demands.
  • b) Integrated voice and data networks.
  • c) Unprecedented application performance including visual voice management and desktop integration.
  • d) Continuous access to the innovations of the Internet and IP related matters.
  • e) Intuitive management systems and desktop productivity tools that empower employees and organizations.
  • f) Total costs of ownership model that delivers substantial cost savings.
  • g) To shape the future of IP network platform through the availability of internet broadband by creating a more simple and global way of work. 
  • h) To ensure the guarantee of purchase to our customers as to assist them to prepare for the next generation of IP platform like the availability of WiMax and IP6